Belize Tour Company History

Our History

MayaWalk Tours is a Belize tour specialist, focusing on cave, river and jungle adventure tours, including exclusive tours to the world-famous ATM Cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal). With over a dozen eco-tours to choose from, our guests will discover the beauty of Belize while horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, wildlife watching, cave tubing, spelunking and much more, right at our doorstep. We also venture into nearby Guatemala for day and overnight trips to the ancient Mayan city of Tikal.  

We are the oldest tour company in the bustling river market town of San Ignacio and have been operating adventure tours since 1997. We offer the best adventures in the lush jungles, mysterious caves, clear rivers and waterfalls of the Cayo District. San Ignacio and the surrounding areas offer a stunning and diverse environment, rich in both culture and nature. MayaWalk Tours is based at the heart of the Mundo Maya (the world of the Maya).

In 1973, Nazim Juan, and his wife, son and daughter, first became involved in tourism, as a side business to their family restaurant, when he started a small tour office called Jaguar Tours. At the time, tourism was scarce, but Nazim saw the great potential of his hometown of San Ignacio. Because of his involvement in pushing the tourism sector in the Cayo District by promoting the area’s culture and history, the government appointed Mr. Juan as the first Director of the Belize Tourism Board for Cayo. Mr. Juan represented the country at trade shows around the world including the United States and Europe. Mr Juan is multilingual so he was able to achieve good results in promoting tourism in Belize, especially in Italy.  He worked closely with BTB between 1984 and 1990, at which time his son became one of the first licensed cave guides in the country. Mr. Juan and his co-workers made a lot of positive changes in the tourism sector and shaped how visitors experience adventure in Belize in an exciting and safe manner.

In 1997, our family expanded the business and started MayaWalk Tours, with Aaron Juan as the company’s main guide. We specialized in caving, but more specifically we focused on the ATM cave. To this day, MayaWalk is one of the only Belizean-owned, family run companies.   We assist and support some of the needs of our people such as helping with the elderly and the San Ignacio orphanage.   We are very concerned about the environment, especially with the recycling of water bottles and refilling of water.  Aaron’s popularity has spread tremendously on TripAdvisor and among academics looking to learn more about the cave systems of Belize.

In addition to the tour business, our family will soon be reopening their Rio Maya Resort to the public.  Presently we can host groups of people in camping grounds with Belizean cultural hosting so you can get a taste of the real Belizean culture.  Camping has all amenities and guests can camp for $ 15 US per night. Meals and water and coffee are available for $15 US per day.  Located 6 miles from town, Rio Maya Resort is a lovely jungle property with many tropical fruit trees and access to the Belize River.

Come stay with us! Come adventure with us! Come be a part of our MayaWalk family!