Belize Crystal Cave Tour

Crystal Cave Tour

Locally known as the Mountain Cow Cave, this stunning, other-worldly Crystal Cave is located deep in the jungle, in the heart of the Blue Hole National Park, along the scenic Hummingbird Highway. We leave San Ignacio in the morning and head towards Belmopan, we pass the capital city and proceed along the scenic Hummingbird Highway, crossing green mountains, passing fragrant orange orchards, pineapple plantations, and rainforest-draped valleys along the way. The Blue Hole National Park is a picturesque and easily accessible protected area managed by the Belize Audubon Society.
After a 50 minute hike through the tropical forest we reach the cave entrance, where we rappel 15 feet into the cavernous entrance to the cave. We will traverse through the large chambers of the cave, sliding down mud ramps and scrambling along rocks. This is a challenging descent into Xibalba, the Mayan realm of the underworld. Your guide will show you the shimmering formations in the cave, along with artifacts and the skeletal remains of sacrificial victims from the time of the ancient Maya.  We will witness the remnants of the past as we discover centuries-old fire pits, wall carvings, pottery and other relics, as well as impressive crystal formations and stalactites and stalagmites.  

This tour is physically demanding, but well worth the effort as we walk in the footsteps of the Mayan ritual leaders and see the evidence of their ceremonies with our own eyes. After our cave exploration you can take time to eat a hearty homemade lunch, enjoy a refreshing soft drink and swim in the vibrant waters of the Blue Hole, an inland cenote (a deep sinkhole which is filled with rain and spring water).  Come feel the thrill!

INTENSITY: Challenging
DURATION: 8 Hours (approx.)

  • Hiking shoes/trainers (will get wet)
  • change of clothes
  • small backpack
  • liter of water
  • bug spray
  • snacks
  • swim wear w/ shorts
  • camera

PRICE: US $110/per persons

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