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Mountain Pine Ridge and Bald Hills Birding Tour

We leave town at 6:00am to what is perhaps one of the most interesting habitats in Belize. We start at the transition zone where the broadleaf forest slowly transforms into pine forest. Not exactly what you would expect in a tropical country like Belize, but this ecotone offers the best of both worlds. We will be scanning for Rufous-capped Warblers, Grace’s Warbler and Black-headed Siskin. Keep it on the low, but we also know reliable spots for Lovely Cotinga and Stygian Owl, so cross your fingers!


As we continue our way up the hills, we will be on the lookout for Rusty Sparrow, Cabanis’s Wren and Hepatic Tanager. Along the Northern Escarpment, locally known as “Raptor Central” we will visit a historical Orange-breasted Falcon eyrie. This is also a great vantage point for King Vulture, Black-and-White Hawk-Eagle and even the ultra-rare Solitary Eagle. We have our packed lunch here, while we enjoy the stunning view of the highest waterfall in Central America, known as Thousand-foot Fall (1600 feet really).  We bet no other restaurant has this view!


After lunch, we proceed to the Bald Hills. This area, geologically speaking, is a true “oldie” and perhaps the only land mass which was above water when the rest of Central America was under a shallow sea. Being exposed to the elements, the soil is barren and only a few scattered and stunted pine trees provide a break in the sea of green meadows stretching out for miles around. This however, provides amazing views of the surrounding Maya Mountains in the distance. This area is home to some near-endemic subspecies of Sedge Wren, Red-tailed Hawk, Plumbeous Vireo and Red Crossbill.




Birds of the Mountain Pine Ridge


RECOMMENDED AGE:No age restriction
TIME: 6-7 Hours (approx.)

  • camera
  • change of clothes and towel
  • Bring reusable water bottles
  • water
  • sturdy shoes
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • bug spray
  • spotting scope


Maya Walk Tours recommends bringing reusable cups and bottles when coming in, to ensure responsible travel and consideration for our beautiful country's environment. So bring your coffee loving cups for some coffee in the morning of your tours.



PRICE: US $130/per persons

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