Wildlife and Belize Birdwatching

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary Birding Tour

This massive Ramsar site was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary many years ago due to the importance it holds for waders and shorebirds.  The main lagoon is fed by a small creek which pumps in water during the rainy season and drains out water during the dry season.  As water levels fluctuate, waders can become very abundant.  We will take a slow boat ride to search for all our target species.


Here we search for Black-collared Hawk, Jabiru, Sungrebe, and the huge Ringed Kingfisher.  Along the more solitary creeks we will be looking for the ultra-elusive Agami Heron and the shy Boat-billed Herons.  On the mud flats, sometimes Roseate Spoonbills gather in the hundreds and mingle with Purple Gallinule and Northern JacanasSnail Kites and Great Black-Hawks are also commonly found along the creeks.


As we exit this site, we have chances of spotting Crane Hawk and Yellow-headed Parrots along the savannahs.  This is also a good spot for Vermilion Flycatchers and Fork-tailed Flycatchers.  Look above for soaring White-tailed Hawks and Wood Storks.


RECOMMENDED AGE:No age restriction
TIME: 6-7 Hours (approx.)

  • camera
  • change of clothes and towel
  • Bring reusable water bottles
  • water
  • sturdy shoes
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • bug spray
  • spotting scope


Maya Walk Tours recommends bringing reusable cups and bottles when coming in, to ensure responsible travel and consideration for our beautiful country's environment. So bring your coffee loving cups for some coffee in the morning of your tours.



PRICE: US $170/per persons

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