Street food in Belize

Belize is blessedly free of fast food chains and boasts to be one of the only countries in the world where fast food is still only available from traditional street vendors and small local restaurants. San Ignacio is a bustling hub, where cultures mingle and street food fuels a busy and productive community and travellers along their journeys. These are some of the best deals foods around! Vendors can be found with their carts and stands throughout the town, especially around the Welcome Center and the market area:


Tasty, crunchy fried corn tortillas smothered in beans, a cabbage chutney, and Dutch cheese. A quick and delicious snack of accompaniment for a cold Belikin beer.


Corn dough, shaped into delicious pockets stuffed with meat, beans, or fish. Topped with a cabbage slaw and served with homemade habanero pepper sauce. Wash it down with a sweet iced rice drink, horchata.


Corn dough pressed into a circle and fried. Topped with meat, cabbage, and cheese. Cover to taste with your favorite Marie Sharp’s hot sauce variety.




Street tacos are cheap and fast. Simply a corn tortilla wrapped around stewed chicken filling and pico de gallo. Also great for breakfast with a cup of coffee!


Along with the larger fruit and vegetable stands, San Ignacio is home to several moving carts of fruit vendors who sell bags of pre-sliced fruits such as mango, papaya, and pineapple.  BZ$1 for most fruit bags. A healthy, convenient and quick snack. These vendors also usually sell bags of fresh peanuts, chicharron (fried pork skins), and fried plantain chips. Much healthier than processed snacks!



Meat Pies with Lemon and Coconut Tarts

Both of these foods together are a perfect miniature meal. Meat pies are a delectable treat made with pastry dough and filled with ground meat, veggies, and a seasoned sauce. Hot and delicious! Follow this with a dessert of mini lemon meringue pie or coconut pie. Can’t get enough of these. Usually sold by mobile vendors from plastic tubs off the side of their bicycles. Yum!




BBQ Chicken, Sheep or Pork

And don’t forget about the best BBQ just across the bridge in Santa Elena. Juicy slow grilled meats, with homemade flour tortillas the size of tires and fiery hot sauces!



Below are more street foods you can find anywhere in Belize:



Rice and Beans dinner