Keeping Cool in Cayo

It’s the month of August in Belize and the heat is on! 99 degrees in the shade! Aside from staying hydrated and cool by drinking lots of  water and eating tons of Western Dairies' Ice Cream, here are three beautiful spots for a refreshing dip within minutes of downtown San Ignacio.

Branch Mouth, San Ignacio Town

Only a 20 minute walk from MayaWalks downtown Main Office, Branch Mouth is the meeting place of the Mopan River, coming from Guatemala, and the Macal River, flowing down from Mountain Pine Ridge. The confluence of these rivers forms the beginning of the Belize River, which flows northeast to the sea. The surrounding parkland is home to an abundance of birdlife as well as an iguana reserve. The confluence of these rivers forms a sweet swimming hole, which is an enticing prospect on a hot day. To get there, cycle or walk 1.5 miles north on scenic Branch Mouth Rd to the Hammock Bridge.




Cahal Pech Village Resort, San Ignacio Town
Perched at the top of the highest hill in town, the resort’s pool is a perfect place to take a sunset dip and relax with a chilled tropical cocktail. Just a short walk from our downtown office and just around the corner from the Cahal Pech archaeological site, this is an ideal location for the adventurous and discerning tourist to chill. Pool fee for non-guests BZ$10.


RawSpa Eco-Lodge, Bullet Tree Falls Village
Jump in a $2 taxi at the Bullet Tree Taxi Association stand just across the street from Belize Bank in downtown San Ignacio, and enjoy a scenic 15 minute ride to the picturesque village of Bullet Tree. For a couple dollars more, ask the taxi driver to bring you all the way to the end of the road to RawSpa, a beautifully landscaped and magical property right on the Mopan River. Here, the owners and staff, who are a friendly and talented group of people, can arrange for you to use their dock, rope swing, paddleboard, or even a tubing trip along the river. There are snacks, beers and rum drinks for sale.