The top 10 things to do at the amazing San Ignacio Market Day

If we had to pick just 10 out of all the fun things to do at the amazing San Ignacio Farmer’s Market, then these would be our top picks. Every Saturday. All day. Immerse your body, mind, and soul in the local culture, produce, and nature!




Sample the variety of tropical fruit and exotic veggies.



Buy some local free range meats and have a BBQ on the Macal River.



Eat some fabulous papusas and quesadillas hot off the grill.



Drink some fresh coconut water.



Enjoy local fruit wines, such as craboo, cashew, and blackberry.



Go thrift shopping for summer clothes.



Enjoy a delicious homemade Chinese sweet waffle.



Indulge your senses with the local Caribbean spice selections, such as yellow ginger, recado, and curry.



Buy some local habanero hot sauce. Fire!



Find a nice hammock to carry home and enjoy sweet dreams with memories from an UnBelizeable trip!