Wings of Belize

Green Honeycreeper

With a small human population of around 380,000, little Belize is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, birders, photographers and all who appreciates the beauty of nature. From wetlands to savannahs, equestrian trails and forests, Belize is a safe haven to over 600 species of birds and a playground for those who indulge in the quest.

Sitting on unspoiled and rich landscape, the adventure people at Mayawalk Tours invites you to immerse yourself in the search for hummingbirds, Black-collared Hawk, Snail Kites, Parrots, Owls, Toucans, Jabiru, Lesson’s Motmot, Red-capped Manakin and much more! Whether you’re looking for a rewarding pastime or share a passion for birds, our professional and knowledgeable naturalist guides will provide you with yet another unique experience in Belize, taking you on an adventurous journey to the most popular bird-watching locations.

We have compiled a short list of some cool birds you’ll find in Belize under the guidance of our naturalist guide. We hope you enjoy it!


Also known as the American Harpy Eagle, the Harpy Eagle is legendary and amongst the world’s largest eagles with a height of 41 inches. They are very rare to see in Belize due to their small population and feared by people due to their size. They can be found in tropical lowland forests and will hunt in open areas of their territory.

Harpy Easgle


The Elegant Euphonia is one of the smallest, rarest and most beautiful birds in Belize which can be hard to spot but such an interesting catch to the eye. They are usually seen in pairs or small groups feeding in mistletoe. While visiting Belize, keep an eye out for this attractive bird waiting to be discovered.

Female Euphonia Male Euphonia


The Agami Heron sits motionless in the banks of creeks and other freshwater wetlands patiently waiting for passing fish, frogs and other small reptiles for its meal. Known for standing extremely still for long lengths of time, one can take advantage in capturing a picture perfect photograph of its colorful blue green feathers. Consider yourself very lucky if you spot one in the open as they prefer shady areas and vegetation, making it a very rare bird to be seen in the open.

Agami Heron


The Yucatan Jay can be found in dense tropical forests of the Yucatan Peninsula or nearby areas of Belize and Guatemala. They adapt their diet to take advantage of seasonally available plant and animal material as it changes in abundance.This species has a large range and increasing population. When visiting Belize, be sure to look out for the Yucatan Jay!

Yucatan Jay


This beautiful colorful American Pygmy-Kingfisher is only 13 cm in size which makes them the smallest of all kingfishers. They are often found in pairs and can be seen in dense forests and mangroves along streams or rivers.

American Pygmy kingfisher


Who needs a fork? Certainly not the Roseate Spoonbill who has a “built in” spoon on its beak! This comes in handy during mealtime for feeling prey underwater by swinging their heads from side to side.Their diet consists of shrimp, crayfish and small fish. Often mistaken for a Flamingo, this bright pink Roseate Spoonbill can be found in the shallows of mangroves, wetlands, swamps or bay.

Reseate Spoonbill


We decided to leave the best for last - our national bird,The Keel- billed Toucan. With its bright colorful bill, the Toucan makes it one of Belize’s most interesting birds to see when vacationing! They are known for being social and feeding on a variety of subtropical fruits. They can be found throughout Belize in dense forests and tree trunks or at our natural Belize Zoo.


We invite you to come share the experience of Mother Nature’s most untouched and breath-taking natural settings as we scan for colorful wings over Belize!

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