Crystal Cave

Ready, set, go! Time to get dirty at Crystal Cave!


crystal cave


Grab your hiking shoes and water bottles as you start your Mayawalk Adventure with a 90 minute drive to the St.Herman's Blue Hole National Park with a moderate 50 minutes hike to the cave entrance. This is followed by climbing down 15 feet into the Mayan Underworld sliding through mud ramps, climbing rocks and being surrounded by ancient Speleothems coated in crystals. Witness this living museum with ancient skeletal remains, Mayan artifacts, old fire pits and potteries that will leave you mesmerized. Best described as rigorous and heart pumping, Mayawalk Tours promises to let Crystal Cave be an adventure of a lifetime!


crystal cave


After receiving a first-hand experience into the Mayan Underworld, reward yourself with a delicious Belizean lunch before enjoying a rejuvenating swim at the Inland Blue Hole. End your day with a refreshing rum punch because no great story ever started with a glass of water!


crystal cave


The experts at MayaWalk Tours recommends you bring sturdy hiking shoes with strong ankle support for the hike, a pair of socks and a change of clothes as you can't escape getting muddy. A bug spray is a must together with long pants and t-shirt. Don't forget to bring some energy snacks and camera to capture those perfect moments in Belize.


Adventure awaits you in Crystal Cave!

Crystal Cave pictures copyright of Giovanni Martinez and Blue Hole Inland picture copyright of Tony Rath/Belize Audobon Society.